Q: What if I have a car accident?

A: Stop your vehicle, move to a safe location, and put on your emergency flashers. Since you were just in an accident determine if you have any open wounds, stay in your vehicle, and call for a police officer. If you feel you may be injured, tell them that so they will call an ambulance.

Q: Do you handle car accident cases in Chicago?

A: We handle Chicago personal injury cases as well as Northbrook Personal injury cases.

Q: The person who hit me had no insurance, what do I do?

A: If it turns out the person who caused your personal injury had no insurance we still may be able to collect money under your medical pay and Uninsured Motorist provisions of your policy.

Q: I fell on a wet floor in the grocery store, can I sue?

A: The best answer is, it depends. What did you fall on, how long was it there and did the store owner fail in some way to keep the floor safe for you. Let your Northbrook lawyer investigate and find the answer.

Q: I had an accident near Chicago, but I live close to your office, should I call a Chicago accident lawyer?

A: We have handled Chicago and suburban cases for over 35 years with excellent results. Try us, we will be your lawyers for life.

Q: I had an accident and now I need surgery, what do I do?

A: If your doctor will treat you, they can call our office and we will provide them lien information so that they are paid at a later date.

Q: I hired this lawyer on LaSalle street and he seems too busy for my case, can you help?

A: It is not unusual for a potential client to call us after they have signed a fee agreement with another lawyer. We always inquire and attempt to contact the attorney to find out the problem. If the client does not get adequate communication from their lawyer, how can the representation be what it should be? If we can not help you with your lawyer, we may take over the case, if that is what you want. Remember, you can terminate your lawyer’s services at any time.